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12/22/09 01:14 PM #1    

Richard Beard

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10/10/10 08:33 AM #2    


Judy(aka Wesley) Bradshaw(aka Goodwin) (Goodwin)

The Reunion was a great success. "My, how we have all gotten better looking"; time is on our side."  To the guy who's last name I butchered last night.  Please forgive. That's what happens when you read from right to left; so don't try it. Love all and hope to reunite with all again before 20 years from now. Judy Bradshaw

10/11/10 02:19 PM #3    


Phelan "Missy" Graham (Webb)

What an amazing group of people at the Reunion...Let's try to do this again soon!  Now I know why I  loved going to school!  Though we've aged --we're like fine wine. I am so fortunate"to know" so many wonderful people and to have had the opportunity to grow up and experience childhood with most of you. 

10/11/10 10:51 PM #4    

Tom Franklin

Thanks to the committee for all the hard work. Y'all did good. For those of us who don't do facebook (yet) this site is a great way to keep in touch with a very select group of old friends.  

Great seeing so many folks, just not enough time to spend with everyone and I really missed catching up with a bunch of people I wanted to. The first thing Renee' (86') said was she regretted not going.  It sounded like most of us turned out pretty good inspite of our actions. I would have to give credit Mr. C and Big Daddy Hayes.

It would be nice from this point to plan something annually, a little less formal, a little less hectic and a little less noisy. No real planning, just a gathering point and a date. Just a thought.

Good luck to everyone!! 


10/12/10 01:37 PM #5    

Fred Gehrke

I have to say you all put on a great reunion! The only regret is time went by way too fast. I do hope we have another one at the 35 year mark. I hope everyone stays healthy and grows more wise with time and wish everyone in our class nothing but the best.

I also hope to see more of our class mates at the next one!

Fred Gehrke

10/13/10 10:21 AM #6    

Carol Lynam (Koontz)

It was wonderful seeing you all again. Thanks to the reunion committee for all your hard work and for doing such a beautiful job with planning everything. Many blessings to you all! Carol Lynam Koontz

01/30/11 07:36 PM #7    

Julia Fentress (McClurg)

Prayers go out to Jennie Grainger who just lost her mom this weekend. The funeral was Sunday.


02/10/11 09:44 PM #8    

Cornelius Brown


10/19/15 09:02 AM #9    

Karen Hartle (Archer)


Wright and I had a fabulous time at the 35th reuniion.  Hope to see more of our class in 5 years!!!

Take care and God's speed to all!

Karen Hartle Archer

09/30/18 02:47 PM #10    

Joey Beck

Happy Birthday Michelle!

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